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"Everytime I Think of Sailing I Think of You" Jensie Jumper from Modcloth

Okay, I need money to get my laptop out of the shop, so I’m selling this kickass jumper and super cute necklace. 


Measurements are 40” at bust, 34” at waist and 42” at the hips. It’s marked Large but I bought it when I was a size 20 and it fit me. This material is lightweight and has LOT of stretch. I wear a 40DD and the top fits just fine. Would best fit between a 14 and a 20 US. Very light wear, as you can see in the detail shot.


THESE PRINTS! Okay, $40. Msg me if you are interested. This piece dresses up or down really easily— Just add some tights, heels and a colored blazer to dress it up, or wear it with Chucks for everyday. It’s only been worn a couple of times. Whoever messages me first and pays gets the item.

I’m also selling this necklace. The length is 16” plus the clasp. $20. 


Buyer pays shipping, msg me via Tumblr if interested. I will have my paypal account activated in the AM, just getting this posted while I have a chance. Msg me with any questions.

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Why is it that old wives tales are called old wives tales


When old men’s tales are called religion and philosophy?

Es verdad. 

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6 selfies 2k14 im unstoppable honestly

you’re a fucking princess <3 _ <3

if that is true where the HELL are my dragons AND: do i have to pay taxes if im stuck in a castle tower

Oh WOW, whatta total babe!!! Alsoit is so awesome to leave your arms natural  underneath like this mega-babe does. I do too and my look is like dyed red hair, perfectly made up face, painted nails, adorably super-cute clothes… And then if I put my arm over my head, the story of me suddenly becomes much more interesting! 

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Okay so I’m finally practicing this thing where I actually smile at people and say “Hi.” It’s part of Operation Talk2Ben, a new initiative I’m undertaking in an effort to talk to Ben at the clinic. I tried it earlier and a cute girl was like “Nice bike!” when I rode past. It’s scary to talk to people but like… I have to do this because how else will it ever happen? We have stood in line near one another and he sees me smile at him and try to hide it, but he never says anything. I NEVER speak first but I guess I gotta.

I smoked a bowl this weekend and remembered how I started to like this guy in the first place. It was because when we were doing our intakes at the clinic, he started making jokes and as soon as he made me laugh, he didn’t stop the rest of the time we were there. He told me that when the doctor called me, he was going to pretend to be me and take my turn. So when she called my name, he jumped up and ran in front of me and we were both like “LOL!” He made me laugh so much that day and was totally doing it to entertain me and me alone (everyone else was like “DUDE U HAVE ADHD RITE?? STFU!” They don’t know that I also have ADHD haha) He isn’t like that in other situations, either. So I figure I’m gonna have to talk first and since he already obviously likes me, all I gotta do is reciprocate and he’ll be like,”Let’s go shoot dope and eat ice cream at my house.” Then we will be in love forever, etc., the end. I guess?

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omg I love this one. Mulder ate that shit up, didn’t even realize those little girls were playing him the entire time!!

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Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)
engraving from Figaro Illustre magazine, 1903

Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)

engraving from Figaro Illustre magazine, 1903

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i wanna be the grim reaper !!! i dont want to go to college!

Ppl always are like “feminists are not pretty so they r mad n thats y they want equality duharr” and like, this is absolute proof that those people are entirely full of shit. Also she is very cool, you should follow her always. 

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My OkCupid requirements. Seems that I’m only getting messages from men who meet the first word requirement of what I’m looking for. “She wants a guy… TLDR… Wait! I’m a guy!”

I think I say like 3 times on my profile that he has to be OLDER THAN ME, but they’re like “You just haven’t been with a younger guy, baby.” Yeah. I haven’t. I wonder why that could be? 😒
Not mad, just a bit frustrated.

Hey ok-creeper, I found you a girlfriend. I hope you two make beautiful closed-minded babies.

haha!! okcdouchebags that is funny. Actually, I wouldn’t measure up to this one… First, I don’t want any more children, second, I do not have a college education. And who said I was white???

I could’ve sworn you’d said it at some point, perhaps I confused you with another blog. Sorry about that, it’s hard keeping track sometimes. In that case, you don’t have a chance, since Princess over there will only date white men.

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that personal preferences made a person spoiled. Ok, let me open it up to everyone. Even though I’m straight, I should probably change it to looking for women as well, just so that complete strangers don’t get offended with what I chose to do with my life. 😄

Out of everything that was said, the only thing you grasped was that I called you Princess. I wasn’t implying you’re spoiled, I’m implying you’re stuck in a box waiting for your white prince to gallop in on his white horse to whisk you away into your marshmallow colored dream land where “don’t be racist but don’t contact me if you’re not white” makes any sort of sense.

Well put. Writing off entire groups of people as potential romantic partners based on their race is definitely racist. I can’t believe someone would post this shit on Tumblr (or anywhere) and not expect to get flamed to hell and back.

What I loved most was the part that was like “Don’t msg me and try to change my mind” like men of color are going to see that profile and write her like,”I know you are a racist, but please please let me take you out anyway!”

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Let's play "that is an incorrect assumption" →


Me: Well I’ll skip on the pizza, I’m actually a vegan.

Person: OMG you’re VEGAN good for you trying to lose weight and get fit!! I’m so proud of you for following a goal I assumed you have for your body to look more like my body!!!

Me: So I was at the gym the other day doing…

OMG YES People do this to me all the time bc I’m a vegetarian. I’m always sure to correct them and point out that I basically only eat pastries and blunts and then they stop talking about “getting healthy” and get that shitty look on their faces like,”UGH THAT IS Y UR SO FAT” It’s like, a minute ago you found me so inspiring! Why not now??

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Joey Ramone, 1982

OMG those are the biggest feets I&#8217;ve ever seen.


Joey Ramone, 1982

OMG those are the biggest feets I’ve ever seen.

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girl is taking that sign serious

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So totally cute!!! I want this haircolor SO BAD!!! 

So totally cute!!! I want this haircolor SO BAD!!! 

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